Most of us work for 8 hours per weekday in Hong Kong, how could parents spend our very limited time with their kids? Playing TV games? Visiting the Park nearby home? Daydaycook, a new culinary website across Asia, offering step-by-step instructions and videos on how to cook Chinese food recipes. The founder Norma would like to create a few simple recipes for kids and parents, office lady and cooking enthusiast to enjoy cooking with someone they care.

Design Progress

Daydaycook is a new brand in Hong Kong, creating mascots would be a suitable method to build up brand image shortly as well as the target segments are office lady, parents & kids. There are a few trials for the mascots at the beginning, including ingredients, tools, and target audience (office lady).

Why Them?

Several Chinese ingredients/spices were proposed after decided the art direction since Daydaycook focuses on Chinese recipes. Also, there is a chance to let kids recognize the original appearance of common local ingredients. Some chefs have tried to remix green pepper.

How to design characters

The same as human being, unique facial expression, and several gestures can reflect their own characteristic. I have taken reference from kids storybook to pick the common personalities in kids story.

App design

The app is capable of only for iPad device. iPad is a suitable e-recipes since it is movable and has higher readability in a certain distance, tablet recipe is convenient for users when cooking. Cooking video, recipes are the main content of the app, and there is photo edit function.

I observed that many of us will take a photo and even place stickers on the photo when dining. Therefore we have adopted photo editing function to the app, users can place the mascot stickers on the finished dishes and share with friends.



Duration 3 months
  • Character design
  • UI design
Year 2013
Final version Tablet app

Character design, UI, tablet: Recipe app specific for tablet and mascots design

Category: Character design