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I worked closely with vendor and marketing team regarding the Facebook chatbot function, make sure the flow and context would let the consumer found their answer in the quickest way. It’s one of the projects in Dream Cruises.


  • To reduce human resources, especially customer service support in the team. 3 teammates worked on the replies in different platforms, i.e. Facebook, Weibo, Wechat, but they are fully occupied with consumer’s comments
  • Enhance our service quality by speeding up the response to consumer
  • Promote the brand, i.e. Facebook campaign game


Identify target user

We do have different markets but Hong Kong office maintains the page, including Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia. It serves multiple languages and multiple countries.

  • Regions
  • Languages (EN, TC, SC, JP etc)

According to the operation team and data from e-commerce, our target segments can be defined into 4 types:

  1. Gambler – 38%
    (seldom to enquire, since the main purpose is gaming and visit very frequently, already familiar with the cruise)
  2. Family – 26%
  3. Elderly – 22%
  4. Couples – 9%
  5. Friends 5%

Identify scenario or use cases

We identified different scenarios by considering:

  1. Stages, is it pre-cruise or onboard or post-cruise?
  2. Types of users (couple, family friends or gambler)
  3. First time or return user
  4. Campaign participants


According to the consolidated insight from Facebook, Weibo or sales department then card sorting by these categories:

  1. Complaints about service, shore tour, facilities etc (3-5 per week)
  2. How to book online and progress
  3. Job seeking
  4. Package inquiry, i.e. price, itinerary
  5. Onboard facility
  6. Offer details
  7. Campaign inquiry (winner list, the period of a campaign)

For the context of the chatbot, we crossed check with official website and insight from consumers that user usually asks for and did a card sorting in order to trim down the most frequently asked questions and provide the best solution for them.

After answering the typical questions, it will be linked to the official website for increasing the page views and with the lowest effort.

Categorize and prioritize

We tried to dig out what are the most frequently asked and the proportion of comments. A week comments and inbox questions have been listed out and counted which are the most popular inquiry, then utilized Optimal Workshop for categorizing. However, a week data had been challenged not comprehensive enough. In the end, we picked a month which has an active marketing campaign, which has more than 200 messages consolidated by the vector (took care of CS).


Since our second large target segments are family, to give a warm greeting and build up our brand identity, we came up with a friendly way to greet user at the beginning of a conversation.

We utilize the story behind of the cruise, mermaid and astronaut mascot to say hi in a friendly tone. To enhance the sense of talking to a staff, we engage users with local Cantonese and a friendly tone of voice for Traditional Chinese.


User flow

It’s provided from a vendor, before briefing vendor, we set up goals from different types of user, which tried to answer the inquiry and marketing campaign tool.
And response also needs to be well-prepared, ‘to expect the unexpected’. Whenever chatbot detects keywords, it responses the related answer.

Don’t know

  • Chatbot doesn’t understand the message from the user. Provide standard answer lead to customer service


Known category

  • Product Information (Itinerary info, cruise name) > link to the official website
  • Job opportunity (job role, hire etc)  >  replies and provide Linked In link
  • Facility inquiry (facility name etc) > link to the official website
  • Complaints (complain wordings etc) > replies that we will follow the case > keep a record
  • Offer (70% off, roadshow, roadshow destination etc) > link to the official website
  • Campaign (campaign name, campaign, result etc) > chatbot can detect the keywords to start the game or show the campaign detail via chatbot
  • Online booking progress (reference no, booking etc) > replies that we will follow the case > keep a record


Job opportunity had been removed because business wants to use this channel to communicate with consumer only.*

For marketing campaigns, one of them is uploading a photo and overlaid with stickers, it’s also a promotion for little dreamer program in the cruise.


We convert the task-flow into a chat. Amended the conversation script from the vendor and develop the HiFi-prototype.

It had back and forth for a few times based on business requirement. It had been tested by the marketing and internally before lunch. The most challenging in the project would be the communication with the vendor and different departments and context consolidation.



Duration 4 months
  • Journey mapping
  • User research (collaborate with customer service)
  • Visual design on key visual
  • Usability test (as observer collaborate with marketing teammate)
Year 2017


social media, chatbot, facebook, digital marketing: Conducts a warm conversation via local tone, and provide the best solution in the quickest way for users.

Category: UX