I used to be a digital designer in the marketing department for the first year in JobsDB, then transfer to product design team since 2010. Few sections of revamp is involved including the application form. The whole revamp project aims to enhance the usability, review the user flow in order to find out the pain points while using the website from searching the right job role to apply for the job.

Design progress

I don’t like filling forms, but there are hundreds of forms we fill in our whole live. For instance, a form with personal information will be filled every edication year, tax form, application form, immgration form etc. In the task, I focus on seeking the pain points of users, grouping and erasing the unnessary fields and competitive.

I have observed that few terms or wordings are confused to user and grouping fields will help to accelerate the progress of filling the form. Therefore, I had prepared the document with solutions. Few solutions are accepted by the management.

Application form review


Duration  3 weeks for application form review and enhancement

4 months for calendar design

  • Competitive research
  • Graphic design
Year  2009 – 2010
Final version  2010 calendar design

2011 calendar design

Application form


Marketing, Research, eDM, Character design: UX review on application form and marketing materials

Category: Character design