Merit wine

Merit-wine is an online e-commerce platform to expound product information which main sells Japanese sake and champaign. It is requested to have a light background color and modern attractive layout with a responsive website.


With these requirements, I have interviewed with the client about the prize level of the wine, wine type, source of wine, physical shop location, the age range of customers etc.

And I defined the key target segment as middle-class:

  • Beginner: above 25-34 years old
  • Advanced: 35-50 years old
  • Merchants: restaurant or wholesale


Most of them are the new consumers because the physical shop was newly opened.

Provided sketch for communicating the layout and flow.


Then I arranged the information of the website after figured out how user usually searches for wine. Wine type, grading, tasting, original source are the most popular criteria for searching. Finally, I categorized the wine from the original source, since it’s too advanced for a beginner to look for wine from tasting and grading.


The website is framed in light silver color and few golden buttons/ elements, which matches the wine bottle and also enhances a sense of high-ended based on the product level is quite high (expensive).


After the website had been built, I suggested the client generate QR code as the label tag for the beginner, so that they can explore and check the review, in order to reduce the workload from the shopkeeper.

Duration 4 months
  • Sketch
  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
Year 2013


UX, Web Design, Information Architecture: A online informative website for wine shop

Category: Web Design