OpenRice Biz

Reserving a table before dining is a common practice for gathering among friends and family nowadays. However, it leads failed calling because we usually call for reserving during the peak hours e.g. lunch time, dinner time (after work). There is at least one staff is occupied by the reservation calls during peak hour in restaurants. How do they manage bookings and let user reserve table in an easy way?

OpenRice Biz is a web and app platform tailored made for the restaurant, to manage and create booking with offers, maximizing restaurant’s capacity.

Design process

To start with the project, we conducted with questions for interviewing 15 merchants, including serval cuisines with different types restaurants, i.e. high-ended, buffet, hotpot, Korean BBQ, in order to get known with the operating system and their pain points.

For example:

  1. When is the peak hour?
  2. What do they do during daily operation system?
  3. What is the common offer type? What kind of offer?
  4. How do they redeem offers?
  5. What are the issues they usually face during a redemption?
  6. What does the consumer complaints about usually?
  7. What is the challenge to manage the business?
  8. …etc


According to the result, 71% of the restaurants are using phone reservation, 76% have long queue during peak hour, 94% would try retention offer to boost selling. Therefore, we focused on working these three features.

As consider merchant may not check attendance instantly during peak hour, we have decided to place the check buttons on both listing and detail pages. Also, a reminder function once per week. Then automatically tick the attendance to attended after 2 weeks since the staff usually leave the attendance blank according to the merchant.

Brand Identity

By creating a mood board and took reference from brand color chart, we locked down the color to be blue.


Moodboard / reference for defining the brand color, there are some similarities between these brands:

  • With the same brand color
  • With a similar form of shape
  • Add logo at the corner


App collection from Line

Consumer & business app logo

Logo collection from FedEx and Google

Blue color logos


To balance the brand image and
the sense of professional, trust-worthy

User flow & UI

In the meanwhile, I prepared the wireframe and UI according to the defined brand color.

There are limitations from the API and backend because of the historical reason, so the wireframe has been updated for a few times. For editing capacity, user has to be edited 7 days separately but cannot apply to all for the first launch. Based on the complicated settings on capacity, I suggested displaying in a timetable, so that the user can review their opening hour easily.

UI & user flow

Desktop Wireframe

Flows with interaction and behavior

With the first launch of the project, more than 300 restaurants would like to try the service in the first 3 months. And a few enhancement deployed after the first launch focus group and usability testing.

In this project, besides digital product (website and app platforms). I’m also responsible for brand identity, B2B marketing promotion website, and eDM design.


Duration 8 months
  • Brand Identity (collaborate with marketing designer)
  • User research (draft questions)
  • Competitive research
  • User flow & wireframe (collaborate with design manager)
  • User interface design
  • Usability test (collaborate with marketing & product executive)
Year 2016
Final version


UX, Web Design, App Design, UI, Brand Identity: A platform for restaurant merchant to manage their booking, offers to enhance the capacity

Category: UX