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Some enhancements on are continually processing after the revamp from 2012. My OpenRice is one of the major sections, a profile of OpenRice members. We believe that member level is the key attraction for senior members contribute photos and reviews to OpenRice. Member profile brought certain page views after enhancement.

Design Process

After discussed with marketing and customer service, who held regular member gathering. It’s found that foodies became several social circles among OpenRice website. Again, we did seek the pain points from users and discover a few opportunities that we can enhance the membership loyalty.

Besides that, foodies usually use a nickname for the OpenRice membership ID, they tried to separate the real social life with OpenRice one.

Journey mapping

Analysis the user behavior through focus group and seek paint points. Besides public profile (pre-login, others, and self-profile) we also consider a private profile (post-login, self-profile).


We found that badges “達人” are the honors to the senior foodies, as well as level. Therefore, the personal recognition is positioned more upfront. To beginner or food seekers, it’s also a standard for them to follow or browse.

BIO is the field that not all users filling with, it’s designed to expandable, click to view all.

Active location, favorite cuisine, foodies that following would also help the follower follows the right foodies.

For left hand-side all of them are activity feeds, it allows others to browse all the reviews, photos, bookmarks. But on the right-hand-side all are widgets.

Related content will be shown on the widget column on different modes (private/ public).

But only ‘overview’ tab displays the right-column as a profile summary to the user.

Similar to game level design in order to let user feels satisfied, when it comes to different stages / level, a specific graphic will be shown on user’s activity.

Some of the foodies manage a food blog besides the OpenRice old version. They shared the advantages of a WordPress blog, they can easily manage and change theme whatever they want.

That’s why the new profile page is allowed customization e.g. background color website page color and cover page.

Duration 8 months
  • Journey mapping
  • Focus Group (drafting question)
  • Wireframe (collaborate with product & design manager)
  • User interface design
  • Usability test (drafting question)
Year 2014
Platform Desktop website
Final version

Website, UX, UI: Profile page revamp for OpenRice

Category: UX