TransferWise Case Study

From time to time, I will download different kinds of applications for competitor research. UX review will be gone through within the research.

TransferWise is an app to compare several banks when you send money, get paid in other currencies, or spend aboard on its debit Mastercard. You could enjoy up to 8x conversion. 

Before starting the project, I have made some assumptions.


  • TransferWise has enough marketing and data insights to analyze users preferences and behaviors after the first launch for 6 months.
  • The personas are digital natives, they know how to set up and use TouchID and FaceID.
  • Security is one of the biggest concern of persona, but they will also disclose some social media information or data for benefits.


Design process

When it comes to an UX review. I would explore the pain points of persona when using banking services; gather insights through user interview or data analysis within the app.

Apply those findings and enhance the UX accordingly.

Transfer findings to design principles

Business need:
What the product needs are expanding the market, to engage more users and to build up the loyalty keeping the existing user.

Consumer need:
A secure, convenient way to transfer money

Review existing information architecture (IA)

By reviewing the IA, we will can get the full picture when updating the app or add on a new feature.

Analyze core journeys

Add a Recipient

Users may not know what IBAN stands for if they are not from the banking industry.

  • Provide [i] (info button) to give more context and definition.
  • Provide Chatbot help (displayed on the top right corner) when it comes to a critical step. It’s quite common nowadays in e-commerce app or website. It assists users to make the decision and helps conversion after solved the questions or uncertainty. 


But what if the recipients don’t have the information on hand?





Macy wants to transfer some EUR to her friend Christine after their trip to Europe, both are fine with the conversion rate in TransferWise. The two friends are using their Facebook accounts to login in TransferWise, but the transaction cannot happen since Macy doesn’t know Christine’s IBAN.



  • OTP autofill

After existing in AOS, Apple is finally rolling out this feature in iOS 12 (feature presented during WWDC 18). One of those is long waited feature is security code autofill.








Account set up

  • Capture personal info

Automated ID card OCR checking: Whether the ID card has been captured clearly.

Face recognition:
Verify the applicants’ selfie matches the photo in the ID card.

Reference: Neat, face detection on comparing the cardholder is the same as ID card






  • Machine Learning

Both personas seek for automated service through machine learning.

Learn users usage patterns and adapt the interface and solution to that specific usage.

For instants, when TransferWise learns that:

A user sends money to the same recipients with the same amount, at the same approximate date and for more than 3 times

We can recommend a preference setting for sending that amount of money regularly.




Updated information architecture

We may also create a schedule feature for creating schedule a transfer for bills or payments.

Hand sketch







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